Welcome to dooplikit! Has someone asked you the question: “Have you been scanned?” Since most people would answer “no” or ask what is that we’ve compiled this FAQ to help you understand more about it.
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A 3D full-body selfie is a miniaturized, proportionately-scaled version, in the form of a 3D-printed figurine, of a single person or multiple people from head to toe. A 3D bust selfie is only from head to roughly the chest area.
A doop is our term for a 3D selfie or 3D bust. It also helps with our catchphrases “Have you been doopt,” “get doopt,” “I’ve been doopt,” and a couple more.
We offer two types of doops: Full body and bust. A full-body figurine is a miniaturized, proportionately-scaled version of a single person or multiple people from head to toe. A bust is only from head to roughly the chest area. The bust figurine has a different scanning process so please check with us for more information.
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Depending on how you’re scanned, one method takes less than a half-a-second while the other method could be a minute or two. Then we preview some of the images. You’re done. Yet we ask for 30 minutes of your time to complete everything. If you have more than one “look” (change of clothing) then you’ll be spending a little more time with us
You will be scanned using a mobile custom-built, exclusive to us, walk-in 3D scanner that takes less than the blink of an eye to scan. We like that it’s fast for kids and animals who don’t sit still. If you don’t mind staying still for a minute, maybe two, or for other objects, we have a handheld scanner for other scanning applications.
As many people as you want, can be scanned, but seriously, the 3D print will probably end up looking like a big ball so we recommend up to 3 people, depending on how everyone poses.
Using props and accessories while you're being scanned is acceptable. However, long thin objects like canes, swords, poles and tennis raquets (the strings are too thin) that are far from the body aren’t good unless they are held closely to your body. For other items it’s best to check with us first. There is an extra scanning charge depending on the size of the prop/accessory.
For pet parents, their pets are family. We like to scan families so your pets are welcome. However, there are certain limitations and restrictions concerning for our furry or other-skinned (feathers, scales, for example) animals that we can talk about prior to your scanning session. Also, we trust your non-people family are calm, friendly and not too playful if they're going to be scanned as we need them to stay for at least a second. For pricing, all pets count as one person.
Kids are very welcomed. Since they’re not to keen on sitting still for more than a second we’ll use the walk-in scanner that takes a fraction of a second to scan. If we used our handheld scanner they could end up having more than one head in the scan. Unless you think two heads are better than one the walk-in scanner is the better choice.
The expected turnaround time till you receive your doop is about two to three weeks. Why so long, you ask? Once we have the raw scan from your scanning session, a member from our 3D sculpting team gets to work on editing any imperfections. That process may take about a few days. Remember you’re not the only one getting scanned and fixed up. Once the sculptor is done, it’s sent to our printers, which may take them many more days to complete. Remember your doop is not the only one getting printed and challenges may arise during the printing process. Those days add up, thus the couple weeks wait.
A full-color doop is made of a sand-like material called “sandstone,” which is a unique clay powder compressed and colored and closely feels like sand or sandpaper. A doop is not a toy and should be carefully handled. The doop can also be coated with a clear coating (sorry but this is an extra charge) to make them a little stronger (by not much), smoother and glossy.
We are able to have your doopl printed in other materials, but it may not be as colorful. Other than sandstone, we can use such materials as plastic (various types), standard metals (aluminum, steel, brass, bronze) and even precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. But be prepared to pay an arm and leg to have yourself in gold. We can even help with edible figurines so if you're interested in a chocolate you please ask us.
It’ll cost you extra but, yes, we can provide custom body sculpting to make “enhancements” to your doop. It’s your heart’s desire what we can do to your doop as long as it’s decent. Plus our printers have restrictions on what can be printed.
Yes, we can ship to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. We’ll let you know your shipping cost to those countries or to the mainland U.S.
For our walk-in circular scanner, think of a 3D scan like being photographed with a camera or a cell phone. It’s the same thing. It’s not invasive and doesn’t emit anything out of the ordinary. Your smartphone probably emits more radiation than being 3D scanned. For our handheld scanner, it uses a small laser light to help with it’s scanning process. The laser is not that powerful so there’s no need to be concerned about it.
So you'd lilke to have your doop as a wedding cake topper but don't want your fiance to see what you're wearing.  What can be done? Covering his eyes helps. Then he won’t see your dress. Well he won’t be able to see anything. Plus it wouldn’t look good for your doop to have his eyes closed. How about borrowing a dress or going for a casual look? Or do separate scanning sessions and we’ll merge your two doops into one (there’s an extra cost to do merging though).
All our scanning sessions are currently by appointment only in a semi-private location. But most definitely you can be scanned in secrecy. We can cover you head-to-toe and walk you into our scanning studio so no one will see you. Or we can scan you after hours (7pm to 11pm) when there’s little to no people around. Or we can pack up our scanner and come to you, as long as you have adequate space for us to set up. There’s an extra charge to scan you after hours and/or to come to you so be prepared to pay more. Sorry.
You're a pianist and want to be scanned with a piano. Or a surfer who wants to hold his surfborad. For any object being scanned with you or being separately scanned, we’ll have to see what you’d like scanned. If it can fit in the walk-in scanner then the answer is yes. Or we may use another 3D scanner that may be more suitable to the object being scanned. There's an extra charge for objects. :)
Do you need a paperweight? Just kidding. Certain types of breakage can be fixed with good ole’ fashioned super glue. It’s not good to use a water-based glue like you used in elementary school as the water in the glue could affect your doop. However, if your doop is beyond repair it could be time to replace it. If you’d like the same one please return it to us (we need to verify it’s the original doop) and we can offer you a discount on a new one. Or we can give you a discount on a new one. Your choice.
Since your doop is unique and custom-made just for you, we probably can’t resell it to someone else. Thus we can’t give a refund if you’re not satisfied. Sorry. We do our best to make your doop realistic, and it looks very much like you. Just a little grittier. And the 3D printers used to print your doop are the best currently available. You may want to see our disclaimer for more information.
Do you have another question we didn’t answer here? Send us an email to getdoopt(at) and we’ll do our best to find you an answer.
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