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giving forward - pet program
Our four-legged (mostly) furry friends are more than just another mouth to feed or something to clean up after. They're family. So they deserve something special.

For owners wishing to create a doop of their cat or dog, we have two options for a 3D figurine with or of your pet:
One with an owner holding the pet and one with the pet alone.

A doop with one owner and the pet: The cost is the same as two persons. Adding another owner or pet is the same as adding another person.
A doop with the pet alone is the same cost as a bust of a person.

In addition, for every figurine purchased through this program, we will set aside a donation that will be given to a pet-related, non-profit organization.

To see samples of doops, maybe even someone you may know, please visit our doops section here.

Pricing for non-humans are different so please contact us for more information.
actual doop (3d figurine)
photo of model
For more info, text “doop me” to 808.777.8688 or email at getdoopt(at)
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