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disclaimer - refunds and exchanges policy
One more thing to tell you. A disclaimer about our refunds and exchanges policy. It’s so important that it deserves its own webpage. And it’s something we have to tell you legally so we don’t go broke. So here it is in larger print. FYI, a “doop” is what we call the miniature 3D figurine.

We do our best to fix any irregularities or imperfections from the scanning process prior to your doop being printed.
And your doop is 3D printed using state-of-the-art 3D printers,
the kind of printers that are big, heavy and cost more than a thousand average home inkject printers.

Your doop is unique, one-of-a-kind and a special creation and order just like you.
Therefore, we’re not able to offer you a refund, exchange or credit of any kind  if you don’t like it,
because if everyone got a refund, we’d have no money and no business.


If you feel you lost money on it, fear not.
Use it as a paperweight,
be our volunteer tester and drop it in water or give it sunlight and see what happens then tell us,
or use it to file down calluses.

Or give it to someone who may like it. The uses are endless!

Your first scan constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer.
If you are curious about Hawaii’s Refunds and Exchanges law, please visit for more information.

You also consent to having your likeness in any photo, video or figurine taken by dooplikit to be used in any of our marketing or promotional programs with no compensation to you whatsoever. You’ll be famous!

You can download a PDF of our disclaimer here
For more info, text “doop me” to 808.777.8688 or email at getdoopt(at)
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