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what to wear

What you choose to wear for your scan is very important, and you can wear almost anything you want. However, your choice of clothing can affect how your doop comes out or if it’s even able to be printed. Here are some do’s and not do’s for clothing:



Bright colors, patterns and textures are the best choices since the 3D printers like them. The more variation, the better the result. The printers don’t really like extreme dark and extreme light colors, i.e., black and white.


If two more people are scanned together, we suggest each person wear different colors from the other(s).


Light makeup is fine since professionally-done makeup won’t make a difference if the doop is small. But if we’re going to print you more than five inches then maybe put on foundation and mascara a little better.


Form fitting clothing is ok and loose clothes will work too.


Shoes or thick-soled footwear print better than open-toe or flat footwear.


Not Recommended

Really dark or light fabrics that are also reflective. Flat black or white should be fine. Hopefully.


Highly reflective material (shiny leather, glitter, sequins, silk), high heels 3” or more, thin-stripped clothing, chiffon and other transparent materials, thin-framed eyeglasses (thick frames should be fine but we suggest to not wear them), hats with a thin brim (you can hold a hat to your chest though).


Puffy clothing doesn’t print well and could increase the cost of your doop.


Certain hair styles like curls may look different when 3D printed versus in real life.


Dangling earrings, high heels (platform, stiletto, peep toe, slingback, etc.), eyeglasses or other clothing and accessories that are thin or too small.


Flats, slippers (flip-flops) and open-toe footwear may not print well.

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