doop care

A little info on caring for your doop

Thanks for allowing us to “doop” you. No, we didn’t take your money.

Well, actually we did but you got a little dooplikit (hey, that’s our name, remember it, tell your friends!) of yourself.

We hope you enjoy your mini-me but here are some things to keep in mind to protect your teeny twin from getting harmed. Like getting chipped, cracked, faded and other stuff that will make your doop funny looking. (By the way, if your doop does look funny, please don’t blame us. Look in the mirror. Smiley face here.)

Your doop is made out of a gypsum-based powder called sandstone. Thus, being sand-like, think of your doop like a sand castle you build at the beach that is allowed to dry. It’s hard but brittle so handle your doop with care.

Your doop has a thing about water, or any liquid for that matter. It doesn’t like H2O (it really, really dislikes it) so keep wet stuff far away. We do mean far away. Like in a galaxy far, far away. Or an inch away, whichever comes first.

Your doop is allergic … to the sun. It’s not that your doop will get a sunburn. More like your doop will do the opposite and fade (fyi, it may fade in time). Maybe till it looks like white sand. We don’t know, sorry.

Your doop may seem touchy-feely and cuddly like hard sand wrapped in sandpaper, but it’s not a toy so don’t keep touching and playing with it. And keep your pets and little ones away from it too.

And please, please, please don’t drop your doop. If you do you’ll get to use your broom and dustpan again.

Your doop just wants to be admired. From a distance. On top of a shelf or mantle. Under glass or in a box, preferably in bubble wrap. Just kidding.
So please be careful when handling your doop. Think of it like a baby. A very tiny, sandy baby that doesn’t poop. Remember, after all, it’s a doop!

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